Friends of the Fair / Fairgrounds

There are many companies that offer a helping hand to the fair in ways beyond financial support. We would like to thank the following companies and encourage you to patronize their business.  Please click their name to go to their website or contact them via the info below.

Company Contact / Location Service to the Fair
Adrian’s Orchard 500 West Epler Ave
Amped Electric
(317) 474-1286
Area 31 Career Center (317)-988-7230
BPS Marketing Inc. (317)-846-8965 Marketing, web & advertising
Brookfield Sand & Gravel (317) 357-2253
Clark Lawn Service (317)-543-0025 Landscaping
Community Life Center (317)-396-3726 Queen Pageant meeting location
Corman Security & Electronics, Inc. (317)-897-4862 Treasurer’s Office Security
Curry Enterprises 8633 Brookeville Rd Roofing Contractor
DP Mechanical (317)-443-4753 Plumbing / HVAC
Dennis Jackson (317) 797-2117 Auctioneer
Lewis Jewelers (317)-897-6401 Jewelery Provider for Queen
McAllister Machinery (317) 545-2151
Post Road English Garden (317)-898-6863
Pro Digital Live 3671 Rockville Road  Audio
Re-Power (317)-547-6937 Power equipment
Smithco Construction (317) 546-7955
Walker Career Center Print Club (317)-532-6150
Wanamaker Flower Shop (317)-862-1800
Warren Twp Development Associates 975 Post Road
Waterman’s Farm Market (317)-356-6995 Family Arts sponsor
The Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. 812-677-0155
Glen Oak Garden Club
Shamrock Garden Club