Midnight Run

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Saturday, June 24 from 6-7:30p Midnight Run is one of Indianapolis' top teen rock bands. Their high energy will make it impossible to stay in your seat!

Blue Hues

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Saturday, June 17 from 1-3p Influenced by blues, country, and rock, this local Indianapolis band has something for everybody to love!

4-H Dog Days of Summer Arena

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Daily Activities View 4-H kids and their furry friends as they train for and compete in our 4-H dog show where they will be judged on costumes, agility, obedience and showmanship!

Serama Poultry Show

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Serama Poultry Contest - Saturday, June 24, 12p-5p

Kasey the Fire Dog Safety Program

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Saturday, June 24 from 3p The Kasey Program teaches children their fire & life safety skills by using Kasey, a black labrador retriever, to perform the skills we teach, i.e., stop, drop & roll, checking the door to see if it's hot, knowing two ways out, etc.

Pacers Fan Van

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Saturday, June 24 from 4-6p The Pacers Fan Van will be on-site letting fair-goers play games and win prizes!

Nicole Bridgens

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Monday, June 19, Wednesday, June 21 & Thursday, June 22 from 6-7p Nicole Bridgens is a crowd favorite who sings a variety of genres, and no matter the musical choice for the day there is always something for audiences to love!

Carly Brooke

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Saturday, June 24 @ 5:30p-6:30p Carly first competed at the 2010 Marion County Fair at the age of 8 and since then has made numerous appearances throughout the city, and even in Nashville! We are happy to have her back as she has talent way beyond her years, see for yourself!

Poultry Show

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Poultry Contests taking place on Saturday, June 17 & 24 + Sunday, June 25 @ 12p. However, Poultry will be on display throughout the fair, June 17-26.

Sheep Shows

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Junior Southdown Show Saturday, June 24 @ 12p • Open Class Sheep Show Saturday, June 24 @ 2p • 4-H Sheep Show Saturday, June 24 @ 4p

Family Arts

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One of the most active areas of the Marion County Fair, the Family Arts Building, plays host to multiple competitions all fair long. From cooking to arts & crafts, to photography and more... check out all the things you can see and compete in in the Family Arts building!

Silly Safari Exotic Animal Show

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Saturday, June 24 @ 1:30p A kid focused, animal show! Meet, pet and learn about some cool exotic animals from the Silly Safari gang!

Pedal Pull Competitions

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Saturday, June 24 @ 4p Witness this test of horse leg power as competitors of all ages get behind pedal-powered tractors and pull a rolling weight sled.

Bear Hollow Wood Carving Auction

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Saturday, June 24 @ 3p An auction to purchase Bear Hallow Wood Carver Jason Emmons's wood carvings! Plan to come place a bid and take home a one of a kind piece of art!