Project Description

The Basics

Date / Time

Friday, June 23
7 – 9p


Park Stage

Wayne Watson & Bluescake

Wayne Watson & Bluescake perform a mix of Blues-Jazz and Swing and are best described as experienced, seasoned, polished, and very professional. The band is made up of Wayne Watson, a professional musician hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana who co-produced the tunes on “Risky Business,” while also playing most of the instruments as well.  Jay Thompson, Sam Withrow, Fred Withrow, and Greg Cartwright join Wayne in making up this Blues heavy band.  Audiences cannot help but be captivated by this group’s soulful sound.  Be prepared to be taken on a musical journey as Wayne Watson & Bluescake have a gift for creating and performing catchy songs that leave their listeners moved by the raw emotion and pure musical talent embedded into them.