Project Description

The Basics

Date / Time

Saturday, June 24


Park Stage

Midnight Run

Midnight Run formed in March of 2013 and it was obvious right from the start these three young musicians had something special. It didn’t take long to start building a set list and write/record their first single, “The Truth” which caught the ear of a local DJ on 93.1FM and landed Midnight Run on air. Courtney Neely is fronting the band with some of the most powerful vocals you will hear! Brandon Hughes on electric guitar is nothing short of amazing. Someone only 12 years old (now 14) should not be able to do the things he does with the ole’ Les Paul. And whatever you do, don’t encourage him, or you’ll find him on top of a table or chair shredding a face off!! And on Drums, J.D. Hughes sets the tone. Together, they are Midnight Run!

Midnight Run is one of Indianapolis’ top teen rock bands. Their high energy will make it impossible to stay in your seat!