Project Description


The Basics


Sunday June 25

“Gut n Go” Demolition Derby begins at 5p

The Indiana Autocross Series begins right after!



“Gut n Go” Demolition Derby & Indiana Autocross Series

The “Gut n Go” Demolition Derby will be starting the last night of the fair off right! This is an entry level demolition derby class designed for learning and fun! Some general rules are listed below, but feel free to click here for more rules and information about the derby!

Immediately following the derby will be the next main event, the Indiana AutoCross Series will return to the Marion County Fair! This is a racing series with virtually no rules! Beat, bang, push, or shove to get to the front! For more information click here

Admission price

Admission to the derby is $5 and kids get in free!

General Derby Rules

All decisions made by the inspection judges will be final and all demo driving and safety rules apply to this class.

Any front wheel drive car from 1980-2016 is able to participate. NO full frame or full sized cars!

  1. All flammable material must be removed from the vehicle, but the dash is allowed to stay.
  2. Gas tank may be left underneath the car as long as it is mounted in front of the rear axle. If the tank is moved inside of the car, it must be covered and secured in a way that it will not move or strengthen the car. Electric fuel pump switch must be clearly marked.
  3. The driver’s door may be welded solid. All other doors may be welded 3 on 3 off. Driver door plates are allowed.
  4. The trunk lid, hatch, or gate may be wired shut in 6 places. There must be a 10 inch hole in the trunk lid for inspection.
  5. Must run factory drive line.
  6. Tires must be DOT, no paddle tires allowed.
  7. NO welding on the frame anywhere.
  8. Bumpers must be factory fwd car bumpers. They may be interchanged if they bolt into the factory location. Bumpers may be attached to the body in 2 places with 9-wire.
  9. A 4 bar halo cage is allowed at maximum (shape of a square around the driver). A rollover bar may be extended off the halo, but nothing to the floor.
  10. Suspension must remain factory.
  11. Body may be creased.
  12. Must have a safety strap or bar in front of the windshield.
  13. The battery must be moved to the passenger floorboard and secured.
  14. The hood may have 2 pieces of 1/2 inch all thread to hold it down. They may go through the core support.

Please click here for any questions pertaining to these events or for more descriptive rules.