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The Basics


Tuesday, June 20
Wednesday, June 21
Thursday, June 22
Friday, June 23
Saturday, June 24
Sunday, June 25


Main Street

The Flying Pages – Aerial & Equestrian Thrill Show!

We have both!! Daring Thrills, and Equestrian! With a lot of experience and thought we have put together a 25.-30 minute Aerial and Equestrian Thrill show that will keep you on the edge of your seat as we turn, twist and jump high in the air or rolling on the ground with laughter!

“Flying Trapeze”

The only Flying Trapeze Thrill show running the fairs!! Over 20 years of experience! International medalist! European Champions! With Passion and love of the Flying Trapeze Ms. Jill Pages keeps the art going, training and hiring new talent every year to bring you the live action and adrenaline of the daring men and woman on the Flying Trapeze right in front of your very own eyes!!

“The Wheel of Destiny”

Dazzling with heights over 50 ft. in the air , new to our show this yr. Our 380 degree Pendula! The Wheel of Destiny! Toli will amaze you with air time up to 5 ft. Jumps Walking Blind folded, upside down acrobatics, high in the air as the Pendula circles in a 380 degree turn fighting against gravity!!

“Comedy on Horseback”

What’s a show without laughter and animals? The High Flying Pages brings to you our European Super star! 5 generations of animal training! There’s no other comedy horse who compares to Robi Donnerts and his best friend Cornbread! Staring on the greatest Equestrian Shows in the U,S including, Equine affaire, Arabian Nights Theatre, also Cheval Equestrian Show in Canada! We are happy to have him! The two of them will keep you rolling with laughter, and amaze you with the bond between man and horse!