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Saturday, June 17 @ 12p




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Hold Harmless Release
Deadline for entry – June 7

Cheerleading Contest

We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how ’bout you?  The cheerleading contest is open for teams not only in Marion County, but statewide.  Test your teams mettle against the rest to determine the best!

Competing divisions

  • Large Varsity
  • Small Varsity
  • Junior Varsity (reserve)
  • Junior High

Performing for the first time, Dream Team Cheerleading. This is a community club made up of individuals of all ages, male or female, and any type of disability. The squad is led by Kaylea Albertson and her four coaches: Rachael Carmichael, Paige Clegg, Madison Hamilton, and Julia Wells. The members will perform for you while judges are score keeping the contest.